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Thursday | Feb 23, 2006
I don't know how I missed this before: Project Runway Torino. Two of my current TV obsessions together at last! Check out Tim Gunn's reviews of the figure skaters' outfits.

In related news, Santino has a blog! Although I haven't been a big fan of his during the season, of the final collections, I like his the most.

Okay, I've gotta go watch last night's reunion episode...

Wednesday | Feb 22, 2006
I am tired of watching the men's ski team suck and the men's speedskating team bitch (about each other! how's that for sportsmanship!). So I decided to turn my attention elsewhere... What would happen if I switched careers and, say, became a hit man? This would be my moniker:

Bloody Thumb

People Iced: Twenty Seven
Car Bombs Planted: Nineteen
Favorite Weapon Sniper Rifle
Arms Broken: Twenty Two
Eyes Gouged: Twenty One
Tongues Cut Off: Five
Biggest Enemy: The Knuckle Bruiser

Get Your HITMAN Name

And this would be Jon's:


People Iced: Thirty
Car Bombs Planted: Fifteen
Favorite Weapon Rubber Mallet
Arms Broken: Sixteen
Eyes Gouged: Eighteen
Tongues Cut Off: Four
Biggest Enemy: The Incenerator

Get Your HITMAN Name

Mine sounds like a gardening mishap (not very menacing). And isn't Jon's some sort of STD? It's shocking that he's iced more people with his rubber mallet than I have with my sniper rifle. I've got some catching up to do!

(Apparently this naming program doesn't have spellcheck. Incenerator?)

Tuesday | Feb 21, 2006
I figured out what I want for my birthday (which is only, um, five months away). I want one of these Modern Playsheds. I've long admired the Build Your Own Modular Dwelling kit available via Readymade, but that required more work than I could wrap my brain and hands around. But this! This Modern Playshed comes with everything you need to build one! I LOVE IT!

(I know it's meant for a child, but it is perfectly reasonable for a small adult to want one, too.)

Monday | Feb 20, 2006
Note to self: Do not walk around barefoot after pinning yards and yards of fabric. You WILL inevitably get a pin stuck in your foot. And it WILL hurt.

This weekend, after a delish dinner at Bar Tartine, Evo and Phill introduced us to the very funny edit of "The Shining" on Video Bomb. I totally get how many, many hours could be spent on that web site...

Wednesday | Feb 15, 2006
Sad news: One of my favorite magazines, Budget Living, is coming to an end (via Apartment Therapy). *sniff sniff*

On a more positive note: fred flare has launched its second Next Big Thing contest. If you’re the crafty type, here's your chance to sell your goods on one of THE cutest sites around.

(This contest got me thinking about how seldom I craft these days. Before Jon and I got married/bought a house, I used to spend SO MUCH of my free time making things. Now that we're feeling settled into our house -- it's been about a year since we moved in -- I think I'm ready to get back into crafting. My next project? Possibly sewing golf headcovers. Yes, I'm totally serious. I'm inspired by the Ame & Lulu covers.)

Anyway! There are a bunch of fantastic new goods on the fred flare site as well -- including the floral CD stickers, the DIY swan ice sculpture kit, the pocket hammock and the campfire toaster.

Tuesday | Feb 14, 2006
- In case anyone else out there is collecting the This Is… series by Miroslav Sasek: Two more will be released next week (Texas and Edinburgh).

- Need to revamp some old furniture? Check out these cool lucent handles. (There's an entire bathroom collection -- towel bars, TP holder, etc. -- to match.)

- My former metalsmithing instructor has just launched the Paddle Project. Buy one of Julia's lovely silver paddles and a portion of your purchase will be donated to the Breast Cancer Fund.

Sunday | Feb 12, 2006
So much good eating happened this weekend! We went to the Village Pub on Friday night, where I was mucho excited to see Mexican chocolate churros on the dessert menu. Yesterday, we had lunch with friends at LeZinc (mussels + fries = delicious). We also made a stop at Canvas after a trip to the de Young. And then tonight, we enjoyed a great dinner at Manresa.

(I'll be posting details on the Manresa experience on Taste of the Suburbs and Girl's Guide within 24 hours -- before I forget what I ate.)

Oh! A couple of other things I wanted to mention:

1. Having a phone with Blue Tooth absolutely rocks. I am not technologically savvy (hello? I've never used an iPod), but Jon set things up so that I can now talk on my cell phone via my car. I don't know what kind of magic is involved, but it's pretty damn awesome.

2. These new Zia Priven lamps are sweet. I love the patterned shades.

Friday | Feb 10, 2006
Fellow "Arrested Development" fans: The two-hour season finale airs tonight! 8pm. The third season is wrapping up with four new back-to-back episodes. (Fox isn't calling it a "series finale," but the fact that they're running it against the Olympic opening ceremony doesn't bode well for the show.)

Thursday | Feb 9, 2006
Can you believe it's relaxing-in-the-hammock weather?! Tank tops and flip-flops! In early February! I love living in the Bay Area.

I feel like a lot of my posts lately have been in bulleted format, and well, that's because they're all over the place. And today's post is no different:

- I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day, but I am liking this gummy heart! (As it states in the description, yes, it is creepy and disturbing.)

- It’s been a while since I’ve checked in on Reprodepot, but they’ve got some cool new fabrics (I'm especially fond of the Match pattern in ice, but it comes in several other colors too) and a slew of cute appliqués.

- Even though we have no babies, I’ve been meaning to check out Cookie magazine (from Conde Nast, the people behind Lucky and Domino -- two of my regular reads).

- I really like the carnival glasses at Fish’s Eddy; the Brooklyn platter is swell, too.

- Last week, at Friend, I noticed these lovely laser-cut vases by Tord Boontje. Less of an investment than his lamps or panel, but just as beautiful.

- I have a smartphone, so I don’t have a need for a regular organizer… But if I did, I would go for the Angela Adams one.

- I think I've mentioned this before? I've been slowly collecting little works of art to create a gallery in the guest bedroom. I was planning to frame all of the art, but check out this fantastic display idea from the Tiny Showcase Flickr pool:

Wednesday | Feb 8, 2006
This past week, I:

- Watched “Murderball” (good) and “Elektra” (bad).

- Was outraged that Andrae was the latest designer to be kicked off “Project Runway.” I was hoping Kara would get cut, but I must admit, her floral creation was pretty damn good. (Jon and I were convinced the final three would be: Daniel, Chloe and Andrae.) Tonight though, Kara has GOT to go.

- Finally bought a new cell phone.

- Finally got the car washed. It’s been raining so much the past couple of months, there never seemed to be a good weekend to have it washed.

- Indulged in a leisurely weekday lunch with my sister. It was her first time at Citizen Cake, so she went crazy at the sweets counter -- ordering about $40 worth of cookies and cupcakes. (Yes, she is definitely related to me.)

- Added "Oprah" to my DVR season pass. (She's good company when Jon comes home late from work... And that reminds me, the new issue of her home magazine is out!)

- Subtracted "#1 Single" (so stupid and annoying) from my DVR season pass.

- Lost $5 at Friday’s Alive. My highly sophisticated approach to gambling -- betting on the horses based on their names -- isn’t working out so well.

- Rid our house of the old, cheap Ikea dining room buffet that we did a horrible job of staining.

- Scheduled Room&Board to show up with our brand-new buffet. It’s bigger, better and -- more importantly -- not stained by us.

- Bought a pair of Thomas O’Brien lamps at Target, marked down to $12!

- Found out that the Girls Guide to City Life is a SXSW finalist in the blog category.

- Spent too much time fiddling around on the Zillow site. (Such a cool site for people interested in real estate!)

February: so far, so good. On tap for the next week are several delicious food outings, and the avoidance of anything pink, red and/or heart-shaped.

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