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Wednesday | March 29, 2006
I took advantage of this past non-rainy Sunday and planted some new flowers in the boxes surrounding our porch. Now, I think I might want to try planting some of these Plant-Me Pets in the backyard:

When a local home store closed a couple of years ago, I thought about buying their postcard holder to use as a photo display, but it just didn’t fit into our space at the time. But NOW... I love these carousels! I could imagine filling each slot with a pack of photos from a trip (i.e., one slot would hold pics from our vacation in Mexico, another would be a just Tokyo photos, etc.).

Tuesday | March 28, 2006
Once upon a time, I was obsessed with Tazo's Plum Delicious tea. But I haven't been able to find it in the local grocery stores or Starbucks for MONTHS (even though it's still on the Tazo site). But I'm pleased to report that I have finally found another beverage to obsess over: Pom Tea. The drink itself? Delicious. The bottles? Completely cool. (They're meant to be kept after consumption.) I've only tried the Pomegranate Black Tea, but plan to pick up the Pomegranate Lychee Green Tea next time, too.

Oh, and if you haven't already, you should definitely check out the new Jill Bliss boutique at fred flare. The necklace note set? Genius!

Also on the fred flare front: The adorable online shop has teamed up with design*sponge (one of my favorite sites) for a spring contest!

Thursday | March 23, 2006
Wow. Wow. Wow. Texas wins with a three-pointer with EIGHT-TENTH of a second on the clock. UCLA comes back from a 17-point deficit. College hoops = crazy drama!

(I feel bad for Adam Morrison, but that facial hair totally bugs.)

Wednesday | March 22, 2006
After a three-month hiatus, I brought out the old Gocco to make a new set of cards. These are screenprinted and sewn -- a combination of two of my favorite crafts right now.

I was JUST saying yesterday that I'm considering new bedside lamps for our guestroom and wouldn't you know it, West Elm recently launched its summer collection. There are some lovely lamps to be had, including the wavy and belly.


Tuesday | March 21, 2006
In the picture below, the clock on the right is a $300 clock that I fell in love with during last fall's trip to Tokyo. But, the thought of lugging that thing home deterred me from buying it… and did I mention that it’s $300? The clock on the left is just $14, easy to find in stores, and its small size works well for our house. However, the shiny silver finish isn't so good.

After some deliberation, I opted to buy the cheapie clock and try to fix it up. With that low price tag, I could afford to totally screw it up and throw it out without feeling too bad. BUT, I’m happy to report, I actually like the way it turned out:

I used a plastic-friendly spray-paint (Krylon Fusion) to transform it into an un-shiny white cuckoo clock. My first round of painting taught me that it was impossible to paint the clock when it’s lying flat on the ground. Things worked out much better once I hung the clock from the orange tree in the backyard. (My prep work included wrapping the tree trunk and branches in newspaper.)

The clock will eventually live in the guest bedroom, surrounded by some small framed prints. The nice thing is, the clock requires one battery for keeping time and a second for playing songs. I’m only going to pop in one battery so that our guests won’t have to deal with unwanted hourly serenades.

Other things I want to do in the guest room: paint the nightstands (not sure whether to go antique white or black); get new lamps for the nightstands; and replace the cheapie Home Depot ceiling light with a chandelier. Anthropologie has a couple of gorgeous ones right now, but they are more than I want to spend. Thankfully, so many stores are selling chandeliers now --even Ikea!

Sunday | March 19, 2006
Since my last post, I:

- Met my friend Adam's French bulldog, Hobbs. (A very cute dog who got a lot of attention everywhere we went in San Francisco.)
- Had two play-dates with my nephews.
- Wrapped the orange tree in our backyard in newspaper so I could spray-paint a cuckoo clock. (More on this another day, once I get pictures.)
- Went to the dentist.
- Went to the optometrist.
- Started on a new batch of jewelry for Adorna Bella boutique in San Francisco.
- Realized that trying to make jewelry right after your eyes were dilated is a bad idea.
- Spent too much money at Anthropologie.
- Celebrated my niece's seventh birthday.
- Signed up for a golf lesson, and the weather was actually nice enough this weekend for it to happen.
- Scheduled a maintenance service for my car. Much to my delight, they will actually come and work on the car in my driveway.
- Saw a bunch of friends whom Jon and I haven't seen/talked to in far too long.
- Ate too many Girl Scout Cookies.

With the start of the new season -- finally! -- our "Sopranos" addiction has kicked in again. So there's that to look forward to on Sunday nights now. Yesss!

Friday | March 10, 2006
It is HAILING! Driving home from Stanford just now, it was pouring down. I know, I know; a lot of you are probably dealing with much colder temps and snow even. But it doesn't get chilly enough for hail THAT often around here, so when it happens, it's blog-worthy (I think).

That there is a pile of hail/ice on my windshield. As freaky as it seemed to me sitting inside my car -- which was set at a toasty 74-degrees -- I could not imagine biking in this weather. But sure enough, on Sand Hill and Alameda, there were several hard-core cyclists.

Okay, I need Jon to get home from work pronto. Because Jon recently celebrated a birthday. And it was decided that he is now old/wise/mature enough to handle his first real espresso machine. While I was pushing for one of those uber-cute FrancisFrancis! machines, he was looking for more of a starter one. After consulting with our pal Phill, we went with the Gaggia Carezza. With just a couple of weeks under his barista belt, Jon has actually gotten quite good at making me lattes. And I could really use one right about now...

Wednesday | March 8, 2006
Last week’s definition of happiness: eating churros dipped in chocolate while lounging by the pool.

This week’s definition of happiness: eating bacon straight-up while catching up on Oprah.

I don’t know why people were surprised when “Crash” won the Oscar for best picture. On last Friday’s episode, Oprah clearly said she wanted “Crash” to win. And haven’t we all learned by now that Oprah is crazy-powerful?

P.S. Happy birthday wishes go out to our good pal, Kim-Anh! The next time she comes to town, we owe her a belated birthday slice of banana cream pie from Tartine.

Monday | March 6, 2006
Handbag hangers! Such a simple solution to a common clutter problem. Since it's vertical rather than horizontal, it works even in the smallest spaces. Right now, I store my handbags in canvas bins waaaay up high in a closet. So one of these hangers would be perfect for keeping bags currently in heavy rotation easily accessible yet organized. (Simply Sarah also has some super-cute laptop bags.)

And how awesome is this couch? The seat cushion folds up to reveal extra storage; and the back folds down for a comfortable sleeping spot.

Sunday | March 5, 2006
As usual, the in-law’s visit was great. We went to several places for the first time: The Hiller Aviation Museum (very cool -- I had no idea the Bay Area has such a big aviation history); Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside; and Evvia in Palo Alto. (My write-ups on both eateries can be read here.)

Tonight, Jon and I were watching the Oscars (I love that it was over so early on the West Coast!). Towards the end, as they showed the nominees for the best adapted screenplay, we both did a double-take. You see, Dan Futterman is better known (okay, before the awards show, ONLY KNOWN) to us as Danny on “Related.” What the heck is he doing on a WB show about four sisters in NYC -- playing a marginal character -- if he frickin’ wrote the script for “Capote”!?!

Okay, so yeah, “Related” is now on my Season Pass (or whatever the Comcast DVR equivalent is). I’m still trying to figure out why they make Lizzy Caplan, the adorable actress who plays Marjee, have such bad hair on the show.

Friday | March 3, 2006
Returning to work after a relaxing vacation would be SO much easier if my cubicle was tricked-out with one of these "Pimp My Cubicle" kits.

While perusing Craigslist today, I came across a posting about Modern Economy -- which hosts sample sales featuring great design companies like Dwell, Amenity, Inhabit, Illico, Salvor, etc. They’re holding a sale this May in the Bay Area. Yay!

Want a piece of The Plaza? Christie's will be auctioning off all sorts of goods from the 100-year-old NYC hotel, which is being renovated and turned into a hotel/condo/retail space. You can pick up chandeliers, murals, stained glass, a brass Oyster Bar sign, maids uniforms, a baby grand piano, brass doorknobs, 30 squares of oak parquet dance floor from the grand ballroom, and even a pair of Eloise's slippers.

Thursday | March 2, 2006
This was the view from our hotel room in Mexico...

We miss it already! While in Los Cabos, we lay out in the sun, consumed fresh churros poolside, saw a lot of whales, relaxed in hammocks on the beach, ate THE best fish tacos, walked around town, lay out in the sun some more, enjoyed fresh-squeezed juices of some sort every morning, did some reading, napped on the daybed on our terrace, got a little sunburned, drank margaritas, and celebrated Jon's birthday.

Now we're busy busy getting ready for a quick visit from the in-laws! (They're stopping by on the way to their own beach-y vacation in Hawaii.)

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