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She's Crafty

So about a month or two ago, I made a comment on this very blog about how "ridiculously awesome" it is to get paid to write about shopping. And it is. But you know what ranks right up there? Getting paid to write about crafts. Oh, and in the process, getting paid to actually make the crafts.

Today's SF Chronicle includes my article about Craft magazine. I tested out three of the projects featured in the publication: the re-upholstered light switch plate; the wood and Plexiglas frame; and the custom paint-by-numbers kits. Two of the finished projects are featured in the photos accompanying the article. (The bit that I wrote on the switch plate was actually edited out almost entirely.)

The Jen Corace print is from Tiny Showcase (I love that site)

That's Jon's parents' dog, Dulce

Craft is packed with more great ideas. Since it's a quarterly, the debut issue should be on the newsstands until at least January. I highly recommend picking up a copy.