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Craft, Inc.

craftinc.jpgSo you know Meg? The brilliant designer/writer who's behind those awesome Mod Economy sales? * Well, she just came out with a brand-new book called Craft, Inc. (yeah, I don't know how she has time to do EVERYTHING either) and you should buy it. Especially if you're an artsy/crafty type who is interested in starting your own business. She interviews all sorts of talented people. People whose work I really admire. Like Lotta Jansdotter, Rena Tom, Mav at Port2Port Press ...

Oh, and is it just me? Or does Chronicle Books have all the best titles these days?

* By the way, if you were at the most recent sale on Saturday, you know it was a big success. I was working at the sale and was floored by the turnout. There were lines to get in, even longer lines to check out. Next time you hear about a Mod Economy sale in your area, GO EARLY.