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Weekend Wrap-Up

  • Did you see the piece today in the NY Times magazine about Save Gocco — which was started by Jill to, well, save Gocco?
  • Elizabeth came over yesterday and we went over every square foot in the house, figuring out ways to make improvements throughout. This required doing some shopping so we've already swapped out the doormat (with a lovely one from Anthropologie) and rearranged the display ledges in the living room. There are more changes — big and small — to come. And I'm so excited.
  • I think I need to buy some of these porcelain keys and the set of wishbones from Rare Device. They are too cute. I'm sure Elizabeth can work them in *somewhere* in the house. Oh, don't forget: The Rare Device in SF is opening this Thursday! I'm so looking forward to the opening party.