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Rubie Green

I am in love with these two Rubie Green patterns and think they would work well together for a pair of cushions on a couch:


Alas, I have been instructed that NO MORE PILLOWS are allowed in our home. Jon has declared a ban on new pillows. When we were in Europe in April, he would shake his head every time I picked up a pillow. When he sees a post about pillows on this site, he lets me know that it is absolutely not okay to buy any more pillows. When he hears me say that there are pillows stored somewhere, he immediately assumes that I've gone against his wishes and brought yet another pillow into our lives.

But fabric to MAKE pillows is different, right?

P.S. If you enter the promo code "dominodeals" on the Rubie Green site, each yard of fabric is $50 instead of the usual $90. Thank you, Domino!