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Pretty Packaging

I've been ordering all sorts of fabric swatches lately and they usually arrive in a plain ol' envelope from the retailer. Well, leave it to Anthropologie to take things up ten notches with the coolest packaging ever for free swatches:

anthro samples.JPG

Included in the little box are: a handwritten note about their fabrics and furniture; cards detailing the various sofas and chairs they offer; the swatches themselves; a small pencil; and a measuring tape. Seriously cute.


I just got some swatches in the mail from Anthropologie as well. Aren't they so cute with their packaging and everything?! You can tell they care! Don't cha just love it?!!! What were you thinking about ordering?

I'd like to get an armchair in the guest bedroom, so I'm looking for a piece that will work with the Dwell bedding that's already in there (in the butter/yellow color). You?

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