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Bathroom Makeovers

The July issue of Real Simple had a great piece on easy bathroom makeovers. Check out these three befores/afters:




I love that none of the makeovers required any demolition or major renovation work. It's all just new paint, wallpaper (in 2 out of 3 of them) and accessories.


The new decorations give an extended life to these rooms. A lesson that may inspire people to take a second look before trashing everything when they do a renovation. When it is done right, adapting and reusing older stuff may add characters to a house.

Oh no! Someone else with my pepto bismo dream bathroom. That pink tile sure was popular back in the 50s...it's amazing how much of it has survived until now. Interesting ideas for how to deal with it. I like the white door and in a wierd way, the yellow camouflages the pink.

The only thing in a bathroom worse than pink is blue. Nothing blue should ever be allowed in a bathroom. Maybe a toothbrush, but it should be hidden in a drawer after use. Actually, I don't think I have ever seen blue look good in any room inside a house. The first and last mini redos are amazing in their effect. In the second one, I prefer the original- just use the round mirror from the redo.

I was astonished what a difference the small changes made when I read this article. Especially in the 2nd example.

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