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Anthropologie Fabric by the Yard

While we were in Carmel this weekend, I popped into Anthropologie and inquired about this rumor that they are going to sell fabric by the yard. Well, it's not only true, but it's already a reality. The stores don't appear to publicize this option, but if you ask, they should be able to help you out. The sales associate seemed surprised that the fabrics aren't up on the website yet; they were definitely in her little product binder.

Quite a few of the fabrics are available, with the linens priced at $88/yard, and the patterns — like the two shown below — retailing at $58/yard. (I think I'm remembering those numbers correctly.)

astrid.jpg polly.jpg

(There was one design that costs several hundred dollars per yard. I'm pretty sure it was the Passiflora.)


That's really cool! At first I thought it was kinda high but now that I think about it, you can recover a chair you already have or a Goodwill cheapie and get Anthropologie style for less than from the store.

Anthropologie is a great store and I am not surprised that they are starting to sell fabric by the yard. I buy most of my fabric from an online store called iluvfabrix.com. This store always seems to have a sale going on and has fabulous fabrics for sale. If you want to have a look, click here: http://www.iluvfabrix.com.


Holy Smokes! I am obsessed with that polly fabric...now I gotta get my mitts on some!

I think the price is outrageous. The fact that your paying more for the pattern rather than quality of the fabric pisses me off. The fabric shouldn't be that high. It doesn't have to be IKEA prices but seriously, there isn't gold thread in the fabric. Way too much money for the fabric I think. By the time you upholster a chair from goodwill it will have cost as much as the ones they sell.

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