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Jenna Lyons in Domino

Jenna Lyons is J.Crew's creative director. So it comes as no surprise that her house rocks. Seriously.


This is the *real* envy-inducing shot for me:


"At home, Lyons has the great luxury of allowing her extensive wardrobe a room of its own." That's right — she not only has the fantastic clothes, but she also has that as her dressing room/closet. *sigh* View the entire house tour here.


The couch in the top photo was clearly inspired by Spaghetti Cat: http://www.spaghetticat.com/

Hey Nick - I had forgotten about that clip! The most random "bleep photo" ever.

Have you seen the CafePress shop? Note that there are infant bodysuits and bibs. (I'm just sayin')


So many great images and ideas here. Love the striped ceiling, the tiny Saarinen table, the clothing salon. I am jealous.

ba - I can't stop thinking about that striped ceiling. I think I may need to do something similar in the guest bathroom (with a different color though).

Must get a copy of this issue to show it to the painter next week ...

Ok, I officially hate her.

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