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Kitchen Confidential

So I have a confession: I really REALLY miss the white kitchen in our old place. It was so light and bright and clean and fresh and just so good to be in — even though I hardly ever cook.

I recently visited with a local chef for a future SF Chronicle article; his white kitchen was so beautiful and inviting, it made me miss that old kitchen of ours even more. Here are some of the photos from my visit:


I covet those Heath tiles used for the backsplash. And the drawings and text on the chalkboard wall — inspired by Parisian outdoor blackboard menus — are so cool. The rest of the house was just as fantastic, and I loved that the chef referred to the mix of vintage and modern pieces throughout as "a collected look, rather than a purchased look."


gasp! i am in love with this gray kitchen and have been dying to re-do my own gray kitchen with a backsplash like this one!

Um, half of this "white" kitchen is black. Unless there is more we can't see...

sarah - One small section has a backsplash that is gunmetal and another wall (the smallest one in the room) has chalkboard paint. The cabinets, remainder of painted walls, ceilings, trim, built-ins are all white. Plus, the homeowners have accessorized with simple white dishes, so there's a nice crisp feel to the space when you're in it.

Maybe I should have clarified that it's not an ALL white kitchen.

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