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At Home with Tyler Florence

I'm not much of a cook, but I still enjoy watching the Food Network. I recently had the pleasure of meeting one of the channel's stars, Tyler Florence. You can read all about my visit to his Mill Valley home in today's Chronicle.


In the photo above, Tyler was putting the finishing touches on a salad that took him about 10 minutes to prepare. It was SO GOOD.


I love that black tile!!! I knew it was from Heath before I even read the article. Every time I fall in love with tile, it's from Heath...and I can't afford it!

Hi, Anna! I know what you mean. I would LOVE to re-do my kitchen with Heath tiles. Someday ... If you're ever in the Bay Area, you HAVE to check out their factory (if you haven't already). It's awesome, especially the room in the back with discounted seconds.

the article in the sf chronicle is great - he sounds crazy busy!

Thanks, Carrie! Yeah, his schedule is nuts. Planning the visit and photo shoot with his family took longer than any other story I've worked on.

I read this on sfgate this am - didn't realize that it was your piece! So, here's my question....WHY APPLEBEES? Great article & photos!

wow!! that must have been so much fun to visit his place and your article is great anh-minh! awesome job!

Stacey - Ha! It sounds like Tyler is definitely moving on to bigger/better things post-Applebee's.

Gwen - Thank you! Of all the homes that I've visited, the Florences' is one of my absolute favorites. It's too bad the article doesn't include photos of the rest of the house. (I may try to post some that I took, but I'm not very skilled with a camera.)

Great article. I could picture what you describe and wished I were there to view it myself. Looking at how ppl decorate their homes is always so interesting and neat. Your job sounds like so much fun!

Thanks, Thanh! This was such a fun assignment. I didn't want to leave their house!

I'm a huge fan of Tyler! He used to have a FOOD Network show called 'Tyler's Ultimate' that I loved! I was so disapointed when the show stopped coming on - I'll have to go read your article right now!

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