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One Thing

Years ago, during the dot-com bust, we had a friend who got laid off. (Okay, we had many friends who got laid off, but this post is about just one in particular.) When asked how she was spending her days, she said that she basically tried to accomplish one thing a day. And now look what is available for purchase!


I think I need one of these Pretty Bitter notepads when I'm done with my current job. (I'm going to be working part-time after this, so could put the pad to use my two days off per week.)

via Apartment Therapy


I sort of made my own a few weeks back. I make a long list for everyday and cross it off as I complete them. It is amazing to note how much you can get done in one day as well as how much you can slack off.

Arawa - If I've got more than three things to do in one day, I find that I have to make a to-do list to keep myself on track. Otherwise, just trying to remember what I have to do makes me feel overwhelmed!

fabulous find! I need to take this advice to heart!

Only one thing?! Thats a bit.. lazy... how can you take over the world and then give it back when one does only one thing per day?

Yes I have started doing this as well in my daily calendar. Sometimes you can frazzle your mind thinking of all the things you have to do-just take it one at a time.

It's 10:24am and I've already accomplished 4 things today. Fabulous. Guess I can kick off and have a mimosa now!

TBK - You're ahead of me. All I've done today is eat breakfast and drink coffee. But maybe by 10:30 PT, I'll have a few more items crossed off my list.

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