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Stylemaker Spotlights

So the SF Chronicle recently revamped its Home&Garden section and added a weekly feature called, "Stylemaker Spotlight." I am thrilled that I'll be writing these are a regular basis now because I basically get to hit up local designers whose work I have long admired and get their feedback on various topics. This week's Spotlight? It's on Grant K. Gibson, who you would have seen in this year's "Domino 10" if the magazine didn't fold. (The annual list of up-and-coming designers was supposed to run in the April issue.) Here's a small sample of his work:


And next week, you can read Jay Jeffers' thoughts on mixing finishes, great color combinations, and bringing pattern into a space without going overboard. Now I've got to get to work on lining up more experts!


I absolutely ADORE the black and white room. I covet it, in fact. Thanks for highlighting it.

The other rooms are nice too.

Ooh -- you should draft Will Wick (http://wickdesigngroup.com, http://www.1stdibs.com/articles/the_talent/will_wick, http://www.batterseasf.com) for this.


emma james - That black and white room was a HUGE hit at the SF Decorator Showcase a few years ago.

Leah - I know! Such a bummer that someone else got to him before I started writing the Spotlights. But I'm totally open to suggestions if you've got any others!

i love your blog anh-minh! i'm benjamin dhong's new assistant so i recognized your name when i was reading apt therapy... can't wait to see Ben's piece in the Chronicle in a few weeks! sneak peek for the readers: www.benjamindhong.com

jennifer - Lucky you! Congrats on your new role with BD Interiors. I'm looking forward to seeing his Spotlight in print as well! He's been a real pleasure to work with on the piece.

Hi Ms. Le -

I have another designer for you to spotlight in the Chronicle - His name is Scott Cunningham and he is an Eco Friendly, Green Designer - great for Earthday! He just finished doing the LaBelle Day Spa green in Palo Alto. He was featured in the Marin Designers Showcase 2007, with an absolutely beautiful Eco-Friendly sitting room, with hand-painted "silk" wallpaper...please contact him www.cunninghamdesignsf.com
Thank you,

Thank you SO much for featuring me on your blog!
I am honored!
(and I just found this- months later- sorry for the delay!)

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