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Wall Flowers

This past Christmas, we decided to give a present to our house: a Jill Bliss original. Last month, we were lucky enough to hang out with Jill while she painted this lovely mural in the bonus room (a.k.a., my craft room):


This is just half of the mural. Unfortunately, the (small) size of the room makes it impossible to photograph the entire wall in one shot. But trust me — it is really amazing. And my terrible photograph does not do it justice.


omg that is AMAZING!!!!

Oh my gosh I'm jealous of your wall and of that chair! Beautiful and I love the idea of giving a gift to the house!

I interviewed Jill on anothergirlatplay.com and just loved, loved her profile. Its so nice to hear she's great in person, too :D

Gwen - When I saw Jill's outdoor mural for Doe (in the Haight/SF), I knew someday I had to have one of her murals in my house. There's just so much detail in her work. And I love that she was inspired by our home's surroundings.

Alex - Jill is so talented and down-to-earth. It was a real treat to spend 2-3 days with her.

And I wanted that chair forever. So when I got a DWR gift card, I knew exactly what to put it towards.

that mural is wonderous!

wow, you lucky lady, soooo pretty. I've never seen your blog before this and I love it. I might do a post of this wall on my fledgling blog, I'll link it to you. I look forward to reading your blog in the future.

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