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I was brunching yesterday with Christiana — who, as the proprietor of Hygge & West, has a pretty cool job. And she commented that *I* have a pretty cool job. Well, I have to admit: I feel really, really lucky to have my regular freelance gig with the SF Chronicle. In the coming weeks, I've got profiles running on a bunch of amazing interior designers. Such as:

P.S. Both Palmer and Matthew are participating in this year's San Francisco Decorator Showcase (April 25-May 25). So if you're local and get a chance, I highly recommend checking it out. I saw the house — excuse me, mansion — a few weeks ago and it was a construction mess. So I'm super excited to view it once it's been completely transformed.


You do have a cool job, can't wait to hear more about these designers!

All of them are absolutely gorgeous. I'm curious though - they are all also very monochromatic - is that the new thing? It's very soothing, but I think I'd eventually get antsy for a splash of... something. Would love to know your opinion.

And congrats on all the pieces you're getting published, particularly as everyone keeps talking about the death of print media.

Laure - Isn't getting paid to write THE BEST?

Emma - The monochromatic/soothing palettes are just what I gravitated towards when I was browsing through each designer's online portfolio. So these photos are, I suppose, more of a reflection of what I'm into these days. (Although Palmer's portfolio includes a gorgeous blue and orange room that I almost included in this post.)

And I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the Chron sticks around (in print format)!

I love the color pallete of picture #1 and #6. It is so soothing and sophisticated.

That metallic colored crib just absolutely gives me the thrills...

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