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2009 SF Decorator Showcase

While I was busy stalking George Clooney's villa in Lake Como last week, the Decorator Showcase was holding its Media Day. Since I missed it, the Showcase people were kind enough to let me come by on Friday to see the house without any of the usual crowds. Later in the evening, the house was packed for the Opening Night party. (Thanks, Jordan, for being my date!) These are some of my favorite design spaces from this year's house:

Entry Area by Nicole Hollis

ale entry 1.jpg
ale entry 2.jpg

Her Study by Benjamin Dhong

ale her study.jpg

Guest Bath by Lynn Amon

ale bathroom.jpg

Dining Room by Orlando Diaz-Azcuy

ale dining room.jpg

Breakfast Nook and Family Room by Matthew Leverone

ale breakfast nook.jpg
ale family room.jpg
ale family room 2.jpg
ale family room 3.jpg

Penthouse by Heather Hilliard

ale penthouse.jpg

P.S. I had a story running in yesterday's Chronicle about first-time Showcase designer Anastasia Faiella's powder room. And, for my weekly Stylemaker Spotlight series, I interviewed seamstress Madina Aryeh — whose handiwork you can see above, in Matthew Leverone's and Benjamin Dhong's rooms.


That it truly lovely. I wish I had a space big enough for that awesome coffee table in the family room.

My husband and I were in SF for last year's showcase and loved it. It was such a great experience to see the work of so many talented designers. I wish I could have gone this year. It looks like it was decidedly more modern this year. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures!

Stunning, realistic showcase this year. The house is truely liveable. My favorite was the 'un-natural wonders' installation. An inspiration. Reminded me of Andrea Puttman's living wall at Pershing Hall as well as the new Paris Museum at Branly... Congratulation.

Thank you for sharing your pictures…

Had a last minute trip to San Francisco and had to go and check out the house this year. What a feast for the eyes!!! So many different design aesthetics and styles!

My favorite room was - hands down - the Penthouse by Heather Hilliard. You would think that - with a spectacular view like that - the room design would be lost… Heather was able to design a room with crisp colors that did not compete with the view but complement it. The moment I walked into the room I felt comfortable and relaxed by not only the colors but also her choice of materials and patterns. Congratulations to her for a job well done!

Bravo to all designers for a great job! Went to the event on Wednesday with my husband and we both agree that the Penthouse is one of the best rooms in the house - the designer did a great job to create a fancy, yet cozy room. Also the family/breakfast nook space is very modern and utilitarian.

I'm really excited to hear that everyone is enjoying this year's designers so much! I think that the designs were perfect for the times, and when you think about it, classics are relevant all of the time.

Ramon, you're right - Heather's Penthouse Suite really took advantage of an inspired color palette taking into account the views yet remaining true to the bones of the house. I had a chance to speak with her about playing the fabric selection off of the views and the light and also learned about her knack for furniture design.

I didn't see so much of that in the other rooms (many windows were covered!) but many had other strengths on offer. Still think the Penthouse Suite was my favorite and I might just buy a pair of those handsome chairs at the game table!

Bravo to all.

Loved the house this year! Amazing house and views.

Overall, a couple of the rooms were overdone, but most of them were amazing! Agree with you guys about the Penthouse. The designer did a great job working with the space and the view - expensive looking yet very comfortable. Another one of my favorites was the Herb garden off the kitchen, very creative and utilitarian!

So fun! My favorite room by far was the family room! I was truly in awe!

By the way, thanks for the check. It was too much though. I owe you a coffee :)

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