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The 3/50 Project

Leah posted today about the 3/50 Project, which is a grassroots effort to help local, independent brick-and-mortar businesses. The idea is that you pick 3 stores to spend $50 at (each total, on a monthly basis) and support your local economy. These are just 3 of the stores near me that I'm especially committed to:

Emily Joubert (such a cute home/garden shop)
Roberts Market (I don't know how I'd get by without their prepared dishes)
Romi (which also has a boutique in SF)


oh darn! i wish i had known about this project. one of my favorite stores "yarn, paper, scissors" would have been my pick, but they are unfortunately closing now.

Thanks for helping to spread the word!

One correction, tho: It's $50 *total*, spread between three local businesses. (Tho I'm sure they'd all appreciate it if you could spend more.)


LOVE Emily Joubert! Just saw them for the first time at the Gamble Garden Tour.

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