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Brown Sugar Kitchen

After reading Abbey's post about framing Gourmet covers in her kitchen, I went over to the magazine's website to see if they sell back issues. I got all distracted and hungry because I saw this:


Look at that glorious plate of chicken and waffles! It turns out, the restaurant featured in the Gourmet write-up is right here in the Bay Area! It's Brown Sugar Kitchen in West Oakland.

I want to go to there.


I haven't been there yet but have heard *great* things about it

Elizabeth - If you go, can you please try the fried chicken + cornmeal waffles + buttermilk biscuits + brown-sugar bbq ribs + sweet potato pie + mac and cheese ... Um, basically everything on the menu, and report back? Thanks!


Go...it's GREAT!

hi! looks so delicious! i bought my gourmets where else but ebay... mine are from the 70s but there are also more recent ones...

Thinking of the Framed Covers, reminds me of my grandmother who completely wallpapered one wall in her kitchen with "The New Yorker" covers. It was sooo before it's time, seeing as she did this in the early 70's. I only wish I could find the picture of it.

I never met a waffle I didn't love.

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