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If the Shoe (Doesn't) Fit

Confession: I sometimes have the urge to buy shoes from Anthropologie and display them around the house like artwork.*

shoes1.jpg shoes3.jpg shoes2.jpg

* Because most of their shoes do not fit me — they rarely carry anything smaller than a size 6 — but they are so, so pretty.


Funny - I actually do display my pretty shoes as artwork in my bedroom. It was the only solution to my storage problem, but they do look SO nice.

I get the same urges but for the opposite reason - I wear a 12. Sigh.

Ooooh! I do that with my shoes! I have a number of pairs that I really love, but I'm a freelance designer and rarely have anywhere to wear them...so this is my way to enjoy them on a regular basis. ie:

Hi - I just saw these fabulous shoes on ebay - and thought 'who do I know with a small shoe size?'


Love reading your blog by they way - and I can't remember how I discovered it - but I think through a twitter connection.

Cheers to cute shoes!

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