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Sweet Talk

I used to keep a separate food-related blog, but have been neglecting it for a while now. So from time to time, I like to post here about local restaurants.

One of the things that I've long thought was missing from the mid-Peninsula was a really good bakery. So whenever Jon and I were in charge of dessert for a family dinner, we would usually drive up to San Francisco to pick up sweets. But with the recent additions to Palo Alto's Town & Country, that has changed.

Last weekend, we picked up mini-cupcakes from Kara's, cookies from Mayfield Bakery, and a few more treats from Calafia. They were a hit, so now we can save ourselves the trip to SF for desserts! (Although I admit that Tartine is worth the drive up 280.)

We also recently checked out Madera restaurant in Menlo Park, which opened about two months ago. We totally enjoyed our meal; dessert was my favorite course. We ordered the beignets and strawberry-rhubarb cobbler off of the restaurant menu. And we couldn't resist the caramel popcorn — with salted almonds, macadamia nuts and cashews — from the lounge menu. We'll definitely be back. Next time, we may just hang out in the bar area with a bowl of popcorn (served in pretty Heath ceramics!).


OMG Kara's cupcakes are the best! And I love the Calafia baked goods (the food, not so much). And you can't beat a slice of mocha cake from the Prolific Oven :)

Have you tried Joya yet on University? I went there for lunch a few weeks ago - it was tasty!

Gabrielle - I'll have to try the mocha cake at PO one of these days. Thanks for the tip!

We were actually thinking of going to Calafia for dinner this weekend, but maybe we'll head over to Joya instead. The churros on the dessert menu are reason enough to go!

I found this blog via your food blog about a year ago when I was looking for restaurants in the Peninsula-- having just moved from SF. Thanks for the occasional food posts on this blog.
I agree, the food at Calafia is not that great-- too much of one flavor.

Hi Karen,

I'm never quite sure how many food posts is too many for this blog. We eat out a lot, so I'm often tempted to post about those experiences.

We didn't end up trying Joya or Calafia this weekend, but went back to Sumika (it was our second visit to the Los Altos yakitori). I think that place might get on our regular rotation.

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