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House Mix

This is one of the homes I visited yesterday:

When you walk up the stairs, you're greeted by this insanely cool swing.
On the left side of this photo, you can catch a glimpse of an equally cool staircase.

Here's the staircase from another angle.
The treads are made of old floorboards from the top level of the house.

Love the glass barn door and the exposed brick.

Is it wrong to be so jealous of a two-year-old's bedroom?

A library ladder in the kitchen takes full advantage of the 11-foot ceilings.
Also, those are leather cabinet pulls.

The stained glass is a remnant of the home's days as a hippie haven.

The homeowners retained so much of the history of the house, yet modernized it just enough to suit their aesthetic. I toured it for an article I'm writing, but if you want to see it for yourself, you can! It is part of next month's American Institute of Architects Home Tours Weekend. There are also ten other residences participating in the event. Even though they're all considered modern, it's a diverse mix.

P.S. If the house above looks familiar, that's because it was featured in the NY Times last fall. For more (and better) photos, check out the slideshow that ran with that article.


um WOW that is an amazing home! I just love library ladder, and the leather cabinet pulls are such a great idea. It's great when people play up even the tiniest of details.

I totally remember that NYT article! I may have to pony up the money for the tour just to see this house in person.

There are so many great features in this house but I think my favorite has to be the glass barn door. Love it!

I am absolutely in LOVE with the swing concept. How unusual and fun. Your beautiful site and the articles you've pulled have me super inspired. thank you!

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