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48 Hours in NYC

OK, it was slightly more than 48 hours, but not much more. The weather was great. (Especially compared to this crazy storm that arrived in the Bay Area on Monday night.) The food was amazing. (How does Momofuku Milk Bar get that soft-serve to taste exactly like cereal milk?) The shopping was stellar. (I wish we had Uniqlo and Comptoir des Cotonnieres in the Bay Area.)

I think I ran into the editor publisher of Canadian House & Home in the hotel elevator one afternoon. By the time I was almost certain it was her, it was too late to strike up a conversation. Oh well ...

I've got some deadlines to meet, but will leave you with photos from one of my favorite H&H features. Stylist Sabrina Linn's home appeared in the August issue:


P.S. I subscribed to H&H back in June and finally got my first issue last week. So if anyone else out there is considering signing up for the magazine, prepare to be patient. But it's worth it!


Oooh! Planning a trip to NYC in November...any more good recs (food, shopping, etc?) Thanks!

Hi Stacey - I'll email you later today and we can discuss!

I was considering subscribing to H&H but wasn't sure if I could swallow the U.S. rate with the shipping Isn't it nearly $60 US? And I guess I'll need to learn patience. Wow, that's nearly 4 months to get the first issue. Slow boats in Canada.

Hi Tracy - Yeah, the US subscription is pretty steep (if you're in Canada it's less than half the price!). I requested a subscription for my birthday this year because I couldn't bring myself to pay the $60. But I think it still might be cheaper than buying it on the newsstands every month -- when I can actually find it, that is.

i've never heard of H&H but I do love those photos! Perhaps I need to see if I can find a copy!

I also enjoy going to Uniqlo when I am there. Although I have heard Europeans comment about how very different the styles are in the American stores. Did you hit Muji? The Brooklyn Flea?

Leni - Some issues of H&H are definitely stronger than others. August 2009 is one of my favorites. (I think back issues are available.)

Arawa - I did make it to Muji. I love that store, but wish it was bigger!

The only other Uniqlo I've shopped at was in Tokyo a few years ago, and it wasn't a very large store. I remember it being stocked with lots of basics -- not as many bright colors as the Soho store currently features.

Unfortunately, there was no time to make it out to Brooklyn. I wish! Next time maybe.

Great blog, lots of ideas! Noticed you're interest in H&H. I work with ReadyMade magazine. Some of there interior design
ideas may be of interest to you.

Oh wow, gorgeous!

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