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A Gift for Thrift

So my house was sort of in the SF Chronicle the other day. Interior designer Grant K. Gibson and I spent several months collaborating on an article about transforming inexpensive flea-market finds. Since the "after" photo shoot took place at my house, you can see snippets of it in the images below. All of the projects were Grant's briliant idea.

The chair needed a little TLC and new fabric, which Grant found at the flea market for just $5/yard. Such a bargain shopper, that guy.

I love these fashion illustrations, which were $7 each, that Grant framed himself. And I never would have thought to take a handful of watch faces, also $7 each, and turn them into artwork. That's why he's the designer, and I'm just the reporter.

The bar cart was really ugly when we picked it up for $25. With some paint, Grant made it cool. I especially like the way he styled this photo, too.

The vintage tennis rackets, which were only $5 each, were probably my favorite of the makeovers. I'm still trying to find the perfect spot to hang them.

It was such a treat to work with Grant on this story — it didn't feel like work at all!


What is that wallpaper in the first photo?

Jenn - It's a Hanna Werning design. Her stuff is fantastic!

great chair. i want it!!

Such pretty wallpaper.

I LOVE the bar cart!

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