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On the Cheap

I love, love, love the NY Times series, "On the Cheap," which pairs homeowners "with a furniture budget that feels too tight" with interior designers. Julie Scelfo's third article, "Newly Married, in Search of Style," is my favorite so far.


The couple's original budget for transforming their living/dining room was $2,000. That was later increased to $4,000, to include a better quality sleeper sofa. And the final tally was $5,175.

{Photo above by Donna Alberico}

If you think that's impressive: I'm working today on an article for The Chronicle about a local writer who furnished her ENTIRE one-bedroom apartment for under $4,500. The story is probably running later this month, but here's a sneak peek:


I saw the completed place a couple of weeks ago and it looks fantastic. I wish I could write more articles like this.


I love this series as well (and excited to see your story in the Chronicle). The comments section though is a major downer-- I'm amazed at how judgmental and snarky people can be.

Hi Kathleen - I didn't read the comments on the NYT article until you mentioned it.

People can be so harsh! I hope the homeowners are still thrilled with the end result. Because that's really all that matters.

Beautiful photos - a true inspiration for decorating. :)

It does look great. But even after doubling the original budget, the designers still went 25% over. I'd be more impressed if they could have pulled this off while staying within the budget.

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