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Closet Encounters

This week, Habitually Chic featured not one but two posts on closet organization, a subject that I have a keen interest in.

In our previous house, we utilized every single closet to store our clothes. Shoes were in the office. Coats were in the hallway. The hampers occupied all of the floor space in the master bedroom closet. It was a horrible system.

Now we're lucky enough to have a master suite with a walk-through closet (it has a door on each end). When I first saw it, I decided that I was going to do two things: 1) hang my clothes by category and color, and 2) replace all of the hangers so that they match.


These two things make the closet — well, at least my side of it — look so organized. And it makes finding what to wear a snap.

Below is one of my favorite closets, which I don't think was included in HC's round-ups. It's from an old issue of Living, Etc.



You don't want to see my closet. Too many wire hangers from the dry cleaners!

And do you know if those are the Ikea shelves in the bottom photo? It looks like them, hung on the wall.

Jenn - I think you're right. Those look like the IKEA Lack shelves to me. (I have one in my bedroom that I placed on casters and use as a bench.)

Although this wasn't on my list of goals for 2010, I think I'm going to have to do something with my closet...The inspiration is too great! BTW...I also love Living Etc.
David @ Ashfield Hansen Design

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