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Postcards from Penguin

I just pre-ordered this collection of 100 postcards featuring Penguin book covers. It's not scheduled for release until October, but now it's one less thing for me to remember to do!

penguin2.jpg penguin1.jpg

I think I'm going to frame a group of them somewhere in our house. I've got nine months to figure out exactly where ...


For $16.50, you get a lot of inexpensive artwork!

Are you saying you are expecting? Did we already know that? If yes, Congrats...

Hi Jessica! No, no - We aren't expecting ... I just meant that the postcards aren't available for another nine months so I've got time to figure out where to hang them. Sorry for the confusion!

Lol....forgive me. I'm a bit loopy today...

ohh, I am most certainly getting a packet! So lovely.

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