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Worst Freelancer Ever

Yep. That's me. I am not a very good freelancer. Since I have a part-time job — until just three months ago, it was a full-time job — that pays my bills, I haven't devoted much effort into expanding my freelance relationships. (Most of my freelance work these days is with the SF Chronicle.) But I was intrigued by this piece, "10 New Year's Resolutions Every Freelancer Should Have for 2010," which I found via an Alt Design Summit tweet.

  1. Raise your rates
  2. Increase your productivity
  3. Expand your brand
  4. Trim your fat
  5. Improve your client communication
  6. Revive your customer service
  7. Continue your education
  8. Enlarge your network
  9. Reignite your passion
  10. Reject annual resolutions

I think I should print out the article and read it over and over until I actually start doing some of these things!


I'm going to print that out and try to revamp my work/life :) Thanks for sharing this!

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