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Getting the Boot

I am obsessed with these adorable boot holders sold in cupcakebomb's Etsy shop.


Despite having multiple closets, I have had trouble figuring out how to best organize my boots. I keep some in boxes from the Container Store, and the ones I wear more regularly (at least during the fall/winter) have just been lying around. Now, with my growing collection of these boot holders, I can stand them up in the closet — all in a nice, neat row. No more slouching boots!


Just stumbled upon this as I was looking for a boot organizing solution! It's perfect. I just checked cupcakebomb's store and she has nothing available for sale at the moment :( Might have to try and make my own...
Thanks for sharing!

Mon - I checked her website yesterday and she had a few of them in stock. But I think since she's on vacation for the next week, she unlisted all items in her store. If you don't get around to DIYing it, I would check her Etsy shop again in a couple of weeks.

thanks! will check back in a couple weeks!

What a fantastic idea! No wonder she's sold out...

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