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Shadowy Chair

Wow. I love this chair, available at Anthropologie.


It's designed by Tord Boonje and designed for outdoor use. Too bad it comes with a $3,000 price tag.


This I am trying to wrap my head around (or under). I am not sure I can see this at your place. If you figure out how to convince Jon to let you have this- make sure to let me know!

It makes my neck hurt to look at it - has anyone tried sitting on it?

Grant - I can already tell you (without even showing Jon the chair) that the price tag alone will get a big no. But it would definitely stand out in our neighborhood!

AnnieB - I need an excuse to head to Anthropologie, and checking out this chair in person is a good one. I'll report back if it's available.

I love it. Too bad I don't have an extra $3000, or, uh, any outdoor space!

Oh! I like so much its original and very funny.
Kisses from Spain.

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