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Anthology Launch Party

Here's the thing: I do not like throwing parties. They just cause me so much anxiety — I worry about how many people will show up, if everyone will have a good time, if things will go smoothly, etc. So when West Elm offered to host the Anthology launch party, Meg and I were thrilled.

As many of you know, the magazine is something we do in addition to our regular work gigs, so having one less thing on our plates was a big relief. Plus, the folks at West Elm know how to throw a party. Seriously. The turnout was amazing. I heard the drinks were awesome. The sweets and coffee came from Blue Bottle, so you know they were good. The DJ was great. 826 Valencia set up a little table (10% of the evening's sales benefited the organization). And one of the big hits of the evening was the Smilebooth.

Ashley Meaders helped staff the Smilebooth station. And she was an absolute delight. I want her at all of my parties (if I was the party-hosting type), with or without the Smilebooth in tow. You can view all of the photos (including a test shot of me that looks more like a mug shot) over here.

All photo-takers received a strip that included a trio of images. These are a few of my favorites:

Jon and me

Rebecca and Jordan

My nieces

Holly and Maggie (how did she get her hair to do that?!)

You may recognize Meli (on the left) from the bicycling article in Issue No. 1

That's our copy editor, Kate, in the middle up there

Laure, Elizabeth, Rebecca and a sequined squirrel

Bonnie, Ashley, Joy and V

Me and Meg, with the lovely Abigail (from West Elm)

Thank you to everyone who came out last night to help us celebrate our launch!