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It's a Wash

After years and years of doing laundry, it finally happened to me: I washed a dark item with a white item and then the white item was white no longer. I bought this sleeveless wrap top in Singapore and ended up throwing it in the wash with a load that included a pair of navy pants. So when I pulled the top out of the dryer — you guessed it — it was pale blue.

Everything I read about bleaching clothes freaked me out. And I was just about to give up when I had a junior high school flashback: Rit Dye! A quick search on Amazon revealed the existence of a product called Rit Dye 65 Powder White-Wash. The reviews gave me hope that the shirt could be white again. And within seconds of dropping it into the pot of Rit-infused water, it did indeed return to its original color. Here's the proof:


Please pardon the wrinkles — the top was fresh out of the dryer when I snapped the "after" photo. The point is: If you need to revive a white article of clothing, give Rit's White-Wash a try!