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48 Hours in Mexico

We ate churros for Thanksgiving. Well, sort of. We spent the holiday itself at my parent's house, but then flew down to Cabo the next morning to surprise my nephew — who was down there for the week celebrating his ninth birthday. It was a crazy short trip (we were in Mexico for less than 48 hours actually), but it was nice to soak in some sunshine for even just a little bit. Here is Jon hanging out in the tiny pool on our patio:


I don't know what's up with his newfangled electronic reading device. Long live print!

Anyway. Our room was pretty awesome. I don't think this sink would work in my bathroom at home, but I love it:


My favorite thing may have been all of the wood in the room, especially the doors.



I am now obsessed with having a gigantic, metal-studded barn door in my house.